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Innovating Loyalty Solutions for the Commercial Aviation Industry


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The Next Level in Airline Customer Interaction and Revenue Generation

Aviosphere is a game-changing trading platform for commercial aviation, powered by the Avionex Chain. It offers a new level of engagement for customers through specially crafted Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and a fresh revenue stream for airlines.

Aviosphere offers an innovative concept called the LootBox, an NFT resembling a treasure chest. Designed for airline companies, it includes bonus gift NFTs across various categories to reward customer loyalty and add a fun, interactive element to the customer journey.

LootBoxes have airline-specific NFT mile loyalty point tokens for a unique loyalty program that lets customers accumulate and use their miles in an engineering way.



The Ultimate Mile-High Reward Experience

Get ready to experience the future of airline loyalty programs with Aviosphere’s AvioLoot! Our innovative use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) takes loyalty to the next level, offering a unique and personalized journey for each and every one of our faithful customers. Prepare to be amazed by the exclusive and interactive benefits that await you!

AvioLoot is a loyalty program that uses gaming and NFT rewards to engage customers. LootBoxes are filled with personalized benefits like loyalty tokens and exclusive bonuses. It's an unforgettable experience.


2nd Hand Market

An Interactive Marketplace for AvioLoot NFTs

Aviosphere's commitment to innovation continues with Avioland, a dynamic marketplace that empowers customers to buy, sell, or trade their AvioLoot NFTs. By leveraging the unique qualities of NFTs, Avioland offers an exciting opportunity for customers to unlock even greater value from their loyalty rewards.

Avioland provides a platform for AvioLoot proprietors to showcase their surplus or unwanted NFTs. These NFTs may include loyalty tokens or other exclusive reward NFTs that were obtained from their LootBoxes.




This unique NFT is designed as a treasure box that is exclusively tailored for airline companies. It includes a variety of bonus gift NFTs that are categorized differently, apart from airline-specific NFT mile loyalty point tokens.