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Elevate Your Loyalty with Aviolity
Where Aviation and Rewards Meet!

The Aviolity Collection is a series of unique NFT tokens created by airlines that focus on aviation. Each NFT features eye-catching designs of original aviation artifacts, special projects from airlines' campaigns, and iconic aircraft that have made their mark in aviation history.

Owning an NFT from the Aviolity Collection gives you access to a world of privilege and aviation-related experiences. These NFTs offer a gateway to discovering aviation history and provide exclusive access to services and experiences for passionate aviation enthusiasts.

The Aviolity Collection offers something for everyone, whether a collector, travel lover, or aviation fan, with special deals and unique benefits.



Fly with Avioland's Unique NFT Collection:
Where Art Meets Aviation!

Avioland is a collection of unique aviation-themed NFT artworks built on blockchain technology. This platform offers a space dedicated to the art of aviation, allowing artists, airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and aviation enthusiasts to showcase their creativity.

These artworks are unique digital assets that can only be traded with the Avio token and cannot be copied, making the process faster, cheaper, and safer. Avioland allows airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and general aviation companies to promote their brands and engage with aviation enthusiasts by providing a platform for aviation-themed artwork.

The Avioland collection offers a new era in aviation art, where enthusiasts can explore and discover unique digital art pieces, and artists can monetize their creativity. Overall, Avioland is a digital environment that offers a new exploration opportunity for anyone interested in aviation and the arts.



Unlock the Luxury of Private Jet
Travel with AvioPass NFTs

AvioPass is a revolutionary platform that aims to make private jet travel accessible and affordable for a wider audience. With AvioPass NFTs, users can access Aviopay's private jet Empty-Legs sales platform, which offers a comprehensive selection of flights from various general aviation companies. AvioPass NFTs can be purchased with Avio tokens and stored in a compatible cryptocurrency wallet. AvioPass NFT owners can search and book Empty-Legs flights to suit their travel needs and enjoy the luxury and comfort of private jet travel at a more affordable cost. AvioPass provides an opportunity for individuals who want to participate in the future of private jet travel while also offering other benefits and privileges of owning an NFT.