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"Future of Aviation Payment"

24/7 fast and secure payment system
designed for civil and general aviation companies.

Comparison of
Aviopay and Traditional System

Advantages and Benefits

Advantages of
Blockchain Infrastructure

Aviopay's use of blockchain infrastructure provides many advantages for the aviation industry. Blockchain technology increases the security of payments and allows aviation industry businesses to make fast, low-cost, and instant payments.

Eliminating intermediaries such as traditional bank transfers or payment systems reduces companies' payment transaction costs and speeds up business processes.

Benefits of
Artificial Intelligence Technology

Combined with artificial intelligence technology, Aviopay allows aviation industry businesses to assess customer legitimacy quickly and securely. This helps companies to protect themselves from financial risks such as fraud and provide customers with a safer payment experience.

Smart Contract Factors
and Benefits of NFTs

The platform tokenizes the maintenance parts of the aircraft and the aircraft's equity as NFT on the blockchain and stores the exchange and transformation cycle of these parts in the blockchain network. It does this through smart contracts. Thus, as NFT, we stamp the details, such as the journey and maintenance of the aircraft's assets, as time and date in the Blockchain network and make it functional in smart contracts similarly.

This provides transparency and easy follow-up in aircraft maintenance and part replacement processes. It also takes advantage of the SECURITY of the blockchain network.

What is possible with Aviopay?

24/7 Global Payment Service
with Digital Wallet

Instant payment opportunities in time zones and regions where the SWIFT system is insufficient.

24/7 Global Payment Service
with Digital Wallet

  • Hangar Services
  • Crew Service
  • Parking
  • Crew Training
  • FBO
  • MRO
  • Fueling
  • Catering Service

Charter Services Payments

Payments for Private Jet charter services.

Crew Travel Payments

The crew needs instant payment for accommodation and other expenses at their destination, even if conventional banking systems are not functional.

Overflights Payments

Payments to be made for transits through the countries' airspaces on the travel route, at any time of the day, can be made instantly and 24/7.

Case Study Simulation

Flight with AeroLux* Aviation
from London to Dubai

Streamlining AeroLux
Aviation London - Dubai
Flight Aviation
Payments With Aviopay

AeroLux Aviation is a London-based general aviation company specializing in private jet charter flights. They offer a range of services to their clients, including private jet charter and crew training. They have recently expanded their service to include new international flight routes, focusing on flights from London to Dubai.


The aviation industry is known for complex payment processes that often involve multiple agents and can cause high transaction fees and delays. That was the case for AeroLux Aviation, a private rental company that provides customized travel solutions for high-net-worth individuals and corporate clients.

AeroLux Aviation was looking for a more modern and cost-effective payment system to improve its customers' experience and reduce operational costs.


AeroLux Aviation has agreed with Aviopay, a blockchain-based payment system that offers fast, secure, and low-cost payments for the aviation industry.

Aviopay's platform, AeroLux Aviation's 24/7 global payment service with Aviopay Digital Wallet without the need for a bank, instant payment in time zones and regions where SWIFT system is insufficient, hangar services, parking, FBO, refueling, crew service, crew It offers production services for training, MRO, catering, crew travel payments, overhead payments and general aviation services payments such as the Empty-Legs sales platform.

To start using Aviopay, AeroLux Aviation needed to sign up for an account and provide the necessary documents to verify its identity and that it is a corporate company.

Aviopay's AI technology assessed whether AeroLux Aviation is a legitimate corporate client in real-time, making the platform more secure against fraudulent activities.

After approval, AeroLux Aviation will use Aviopay to make payments with stable token options pegged at $1 to pay FBO for various services at Dubai airports, including aircraft maintenance and repair, storage, refueling, and ground handling. And pays Aviopay service fees for these payments with Avio Token.

Aviopay's 24/7 global payment service has made it easy for the general aviation company to manage its payments in different time zones and regions. The crew quickly and securely paid for travel, catering, and other inflight services.

AeroLux Aviation used Aviopay to make instant payments at any time of the day and for services that support sustainable aviation practices by the upper flight regulations of the regions on the aircraft's route throughout the journey to Dubai.


By using Aviopay, AeroLux Aviation was able to streamline its payment processes and reduce its operational costs. They no longer had to rely on intermediaries and banks, resulting in faster and more cost-effective payments.

Aviopay's platform enhanced security and transparency, vital to AeroLux Aviation's high-net-worth and corporate clients. Overall, the agreement with Aviopay has allowed AeroLux Aviation to deliver a better customer experience and remain competitive in the aviation industry.