"AvioPass: Your Ticket
to the Exclusive World of Private Jets"

AvioPass is a collection of exclusive privileges for aviation enthusiasts and travelers who want to experience the luxury of private jet travel at a lower cost. This collection offers access to Empty-Legs flights through Avionex's comprehensive empty-legs platform Avio-Leg.

Empty-Legs flights are private jet flights that are chartered one way and must return to their home base empty. Instead of flying empty, the jet operator offers the empty leg of the trip for charter at a discounted rate.


"Access, Comfort, Luxury,
and Convenience All in One Place"

  • Access to Empty-Legs flights at a lower cost: AvioPass NFT holders can access Empty-Legs flights through Avionex's Avio-Leg platform, providing a unique opportunity for private jet travel at a lower price.
  • Comfort and luxury of private jet travel: AvioPass NFT holders can enjoy the comfort and luxury of private-jet travel with their loved ones, avoiding long lines and delays commonly associated with commercial air travel.
  • Exclusive privileges: AvioPass Collection offers exclusive benefits for aviation enthusiasts and travelers to enjoy the luxury of private jet travel, making the experience more personalized and tailored to individual needs.
  • Convenience: AvioPass offers a hassle-free way to book private jet travel, with easy access to Empty-Legs flights and a comprehensive platform for booking and managing private jet travel.

Empty Leg

"Unlock the Secret to Affordable Private Jet Travel
with Empty-Leg Flights"

Empty-Legs flights are a unique opportunity for private jet travel at a lower cost, resulting from thousands of flights from tens of general aviation companies. These flights occur when a private jet is chartered one way and must return to its home base empty. Instead of flying empty, the jet operator can offer the empty-leg of the trip for charter at a discounted rate.

Case Study Simulation

"Dream Destination"

"Dream Destination"
An Example of Using AvioPass

David has always dreamed of traveling the world and exploring exotic destinations. He is a successful entrepreneur and often travels for business in first class, but he wants to indulge in a private jet experience for his next leisure trip. However, he finds the traditional private jet travel cost too high for his budget.

David wants to plan a trip to a remote island in the Pacific, but commercial flights do not have direct routes to the destination, and the layovers are inconvenient and time-consuming. He also wants to bring his family along, but the cost of traditional private jet travel for a family of four is far beyond his budget.

David learns about AvioPass from a business associate and explores the program to see if it could make private jet travel more affordable for him. He purchases Avio tokens and uses them to buy AvioPass NFT, which gives him access to the private jet Empty-Legs sales platform.

Through Avionex's Avio-Leg platform, David can search and book a private jet flight to his dream destination for a much more affordable price than traditional private jet travel. He also uses AvioPass NFT to book a luxury villa on the island and reserve ground transportation for his family.

David and his family had an unforgettable experience flying privately to their dream destination, enjoying the luxury of a private jet without financial strain, and feeling like VIPs from the moment they boarded the plane. They were able to avoid the hassle and inconvenience of commercial flights and experience a more personalized and comfortable travel experience.

Thanks to AvioPass, David was able to turn his dream vacation into a reality, creating unforgettable memories with his family. The program allowed him to experience the luxury of private jet travel at a more affordable price, making it a realistic option for future leisure trips.

Overall, AvioPass gave David access to the exclusive world of private jet travel, creating a unique and unforgettable experience for him and his family to cherish for years.