"Unlock the Skies of Art with Avioland:
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Avioland is a groundbreaking platform that offers a unique opportunity for aviation enthusiasts, artists, airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and general aviation companies to showcase their creativity and promote their brands. It provides a new income stream for artists and a new way for aviation enthusiasts to collect and trade unique aviation-themed NFT artwork.

By providing a digital environment where everyone can come together and interact with each other, Avioland paves the way for increased collaboration and innovation in the aviation industry.


"Join the Artistic Flight
of Innovation with Avioland"

Aviation companies can also use the platform to promote their brands and engage with aviation enthusiasts through digital artwork. It's a unique way for airlines to showcase their products and connect with potential customers.

Aircraft manufacturers and general aviation companies can also use the platform to showcase their products and services, creating new opportunities for collaboration and innovation in the aviation industry.


"Elevate Your Collection and Complete Your Set
with Second-Hand Aviolity NFTs"

Avioland is a collection of aviation-themed NFT artworks that can be bought, sold, and exchanged without intermediaries. This is made possible by blockchain technology, which makes the process faster, cheaper, and safer. Aviolity NFT owners can also trade or exchange their collections for completing their unique sets, making the platform a second-hand NFT collection.

Case Study Simulation

"World Tour"

"World Tour"
The Case of the Avioland NFT Project

The "World Tour" NFT is a campaign launched by the airline. The airline launched a campaign for this collection, which will be created by purchasing 500 NFTs and consists of NFTs that reflect the landscape of an airplane traveling around the world and include details such as cultural sights, natural beauties, and city skylines of different countries.

This unique NFT is limited to only 500 selected NFTs, each entirely unique. Aviation enthusiasts and travel enthusiasts get the opportunity to sell their NFTs. The World Tour NFT has the potential to be worth millions of dollars, being among the greatest works of art in aviation. The airline company will purchase each NFT for 10,000 USD. In the final, a single NFT of 500 NFTs will be created and limited to 1 unit. With this NFT, the aircraft will be dressed, and the name of the designer of each NFT will appear on the NFTs they have designed. This NFT will be sold for 100M USD.

Each NFT is a digital version of real photographs its designer took and can only be found in this collection. Each piece of art depicts landscapes shot through airplane windows or captured during travels, projected in clear and vibrant colors. The landscape in one NFT may not be in another, so each has a unique and remarkable value.

In this collection are the sights of different countries, especially for those who are interested in the tourism and travel industry. Some examples include Paris' Eiffel Tower, Rio de Janeiro's Christ the Redeemer statue, Japan's Mount Fuji, New York's Central Park, Sydney Opera House, Dubai's Palm Island, and many more.